Why Surgery Is Necessary

It is all good and well for the good doctor to be able to an accurate diagnosis, more or less. The riot act will not be read at this particularly sitting, well, not normally, but the good doctor, usually operating as a general practitioner, or a family doctor, would have given his patient several options. The intention, as always, is to bring the patient back to sound health, well, at least to a state where she once was before.

Prescription medication could have been one of those options. A visit to the mt pleasant surgery center would have been another. The reason why many patients might have preferred the first option could have been understandable except that for the long-term it could have been unacceptable. Why is this? Well, after having laid bare all the patient’s options, the good doctor would have explained why in full.

He would have explained to the patient why he is leaving it up to the patient to make use of a medical prescription usually in the form of drugs approved for use. He would have warned the patient that this may have only been a temporary measure. The reason why the doctor endeavors to encourage the patient to go in for surgery should have been obvious. It would have to do with getting the patient to be well for once and for all.

But no. Whether it is a phobia for surgery, or whether there are cost implications for the patient, she would usually take a chance with the drugs in the hope that whatever she is going through could be placed in remission for a lengthy period of time at least. Until such time that she is in a better position to go in for the surgery.

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