5 Reasons to Spend More Time Outside This Summer

Summer seems like it is here and gone before we know it, so make sure you take advantage of the sunshine and great weather by enjoying outdoor activities as often as you can. Sitting in the house in front of the TV may sound fun when it is hot outside, but breathing in that fresh air has endless benefits. Look below to learn five top reasons to get outside more this summer.

1- Suffer from short term memory loss? Going outside could very well be the simple solution to improve memory loss, according to a study conducted by the University of Michigan.

2- Mental fatigue can affect anyone, at any time. Perhaps you’ve experienced it before as well. When your brain is worn out it is hard to think, much less do anything else. Going outside can improve mental fatigue and fog and give you back ultimate brain power.

3- Going outside is great for stress relief. We all experience stress in our daily lives and it can affect our health in many ways. Go outside and you will not only reduce mental fatigue, but also experience less stress.

4- Need to lose a few pounds? Want to improve muscle tone? GO outside. There are tons of things that you can do to lose weight and get physically fit when you are outside, whether it is bike riding, hiking, or playing sports.

5-  So many people spend time indoors because they hate the thought of pests like mosquitos biting them and ruining all the  fun. This may be something that you fear as well but with thelp from professionals, that worry is obsolete. Schedule professional mosquito control in Orange Beach for worry-free outdoor fun all summer long.

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